The role of hormones in your weight loss endeavors


The human body is a miracle in form and function; it can constantly adapt to different foods, temperatures, ailments, and dysfunctions, but it is also vulnerable, especially in this age when unnatural foods, chronic stress, and environmental toxins are widespread, add to this an increasingly lonely and lethargic lifestyle, and you will have the possibility of several problems.

Obesity is one of the most common health problems of our day, which contributes to virtually every disease due to the general damage it does to immune function and overall health, but for those who struggle to lose weight, there is hope that stems from a better understanding of our biochemistry, especially hormones.

Hormones are signaling molecules that the body uses to turn on and off physiological processes and behaviors, some hormones make us feel hungry, and others that make us feel full, for example.

Our hormones can get out of control, which portends serious consequences; one in two Americans suffers from some degree of diabetes in addition to obesity, and two main hormones contribute to this: “insulin” (Insulin) and”cortisol” (Cortisol).

How Insulin Affects Weight Loss

Insulin helps your body regulate blood sugar and use it for energy or store it in the form of fat. When you have excess weight or are thin with fat mass; (that is, with a normal weight, but with very little muscle and excess fat mass, which is also known as flesh atrophy obesity), insulin becomes unbalanced, hormones lose their ability to influence cells, which leads to the development of insulin resistance.

As a result, you will experience high and low blood sugar, and you will store fat; because the insulin that regulates your glucose is disabled and does not work as it is supposed to, When this happens, your weight and hormonal balance will go off track; because one of the main regulators of your metabolism is not working properly.

Take action to reset insulin:

There are several ways to reset your insulin, but the best one is to go for a brisk walk for 30 minutes, exercise is more powerful than insulin injections in improving insulin resistance.

You must already know the dangers of sugar and artificial sweeteners, so keep in mind that if there is a malfunction in your metabolism, your hormones are not working well and insulin is likely to be a real problem, in this case, you need to be vigilant, and avoid sugar that will harm you.

How cortisol affects weight loss

Cortisol is known as the stress hormone, but it also has many different roles throughout the body, including controlling blood sugar levels. when a threat triggers a stress response, cortisol is released, which pushes sugar into the bloodstream. our bodies produce cortisol in response to stress, but most of us live stressed all week, and all these stress hormones will cause harm over time, and make you store fat, especially in your abdomen.

High cortisol levels are also associated with depression, food addiction, and sugar cravings, and these preventable conditions can lead to excessive consumption of unhealthy foods, such as; biscuits and processed foods, the result is that you will gain more weight.

Take action to reset cortisol:

To reset the cortisol hormone, you need to reduce the amount of caffeine you consume; so stop consuming caffeine gradually over three days, and notice how your sleep improves and your stress decreases.

Make sure you get enough sleep; sleep deprivation releases a huge amount of cortisol, which in turn stimulates the production of more fat deposits.

Exercise is also very useful for lowering stress and cortisol levels, meditation, healthy social communication, and proper nutrition can also lower cortisol.

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