The benefits of rosemary


Rosemary or “Rose Mary” (Rosemary) is an aromatic and herbal plant widely used in cooking and physiotherapy and is one of the rich sources of nutrients and effective medicinal compounds, the use of this plant dates back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, Rosemary infusion was used to improve memory, promote digestion, relieve pain, Rosemary contains a set of effective compounds, such as flavonoids, organic acids, fatty acids, amino acids, dietary fiber.

Rosemary is used in many ways, such as being consumed as an herbal drink, used as a spice in cooking, or used in natural treatment and skin care, and general Rosemary is an excellent addition to a healthy diet and is safely used in several health and cosmetic applications, and studies have shown that this plant has several health benefits that we will learn about in detail in this article.

The benefits of rosemary:

The benefits of rosemary are too many to count, and in this article, we will highlight the most important benefits of rosemary, so stay tuned:

1. Strengthen immunity and counteract inflammation:

Perhaps the most prominent benefits of rosemary are that it is anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial, and the reason for these effective therapeutic properties is that it contains carbonic and rosmarinic acids; both of these acids fight enzymes that cause inflammation and pain in the body and prevent them from producing excess nitric, which in turn bears the greatest responsibility in infecting the body with infections, and one of the benefits of rosemary is that it is an antioxidant, it contains antioxidants that fight free radicals, and help strengthen the body’s immunity.

2. Fighting cancers:

One of the important benefits of rosemary is that it is an anti-cancer and a strong fighter against malignant cells, as it contains carbonic and rosmarinic acids classified as powerful and effective compounds in the fight against cancer cells, destroys abnormal cells, affects their metabolism, in addition to fighting free radicals, several studies have proven the effectiveness and benefits of rosemary in the treatment of prostate cancer, breast cancer, and leukemia.

3. Improve the health of the digestive system

Among the benefits of rosemary, we also mention its magical therapeutic touch in the treatment of digestive disorders and dyspepsia, which is a natural preparation used in this field since ancient times, as well as its role in promoting the health of the digestive tract. Rosemary infusion is characterized by these properties that make it effective in digestive tract disorders because it is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, and then it fights bacteria causing various gastrointestinal infections.

4. Antidepressant and mood modulator:

This is another great benefit of rosemary; Rosemary has a soft aroma that affects specific areas in the brain, improving mood and relaxing nerves, these are the most important benefits of rosemary for pregnant women who suffer from constant mood swings due to pregnancy hormones, and the benefits of rosemary for women in general.

5. Memory improvement:

If you are one of the people who suffer a lot from forgetfulness, then you should use rosemary because improving memory is one of the benefits of this herb, according to research and studies, rosemary herb has a role in combating Alzheimer’s because it contains carbonic acid, which protects cells in the brain and nerve cells, and this contributes to improving memory, and this is one of the most important benefits of rosemary for pregnant women who suffer from forgetfulness and lack of concentration.

6. Preservation of youth:

One of the benefits of rosemary is that it makes your youth last longer, and combats and resists aging; this is because it contains antioxidants, which delay the appearance of wrinkles, stimulate skin cells to regenerate, and also contribute to improving skin tone and reducing puffiness, and these are some of the most benefits of rosemary for women.

7. Promote hair growth:

Did it surprise you to see rosemary herb on some shampoos and hair care creams If you don’t realize the benefits of rosemary for hair in improving its health, promoting its growth, and reducing hair loss, some research indicates the important role of rosemary in fighting the scourge of alopecia that affects the scalp.

8. Preventing brain aging:

Some studies have shown that Rosemary has therapeutic features that help delay brain aging and prevent Alzheimer’s disease, and other studies have proven that rosemary may be useful for people who have suffered a stroke, as it provides protection from brain damage, and improves the healing process.

9. Protection against macular degeneration:

One of the benefits of rosemary is to improve vision and slow down the progression and severity of eye diseases; because it contains carnosic acid as a major component, which contributes greatly to improving eye health.

10. Lowering blood sugar levels:

Some recent studies indicate that Rosemary helps to lower blood sugar levels; the ursolic acid contained in it improves the sensitivity of tissues to insulin, which is the hormone responsible for regulating blood sugar levels, and it is also believed that other compounds contained in Rosemary contribute to improving digestion, reducing the absorption of carbohydrates in the intestine, and this reduces the accumulation of sugar in the blood.

11. Skin cleansing:

Rosemary infusion is an antibacterial and antifungal agent, therefore it is used as a natural skin cleanser, especially for oily skin suffering from acne and pimple problems.

12. Stress relief:

Rosemary infusion is a natural sedative, therefore it is used to relieve stress and psychological stress, and this positively reflects on the health of the skin and hair.

13. Treatment of spastic dysmenorrhea:

Studies show that Rosemary contains effective compounds, such as caffeic acids, flavonoids, and terpenes that help improve blood flow, reduce muscle spasms associated with dysmenorrhea, and clinical studies looking at the benefits of rosemary for women, tested the benefits of rosemary on spastic dysmenorrhea problems, and the results showed the effectiveness of rosemary in improving dysmenorrhea symptoms, especially pain and muscle spasms.

To take advantage of the benefits of rosemary for women, Rosemary is used for this purpose by adding a teaspoon of dried leaves of rosemary to a glass of boiling water, leaving it for 5-10 minutes, and then slowly drinking the infusion.

14. Improve oral health:

Rosemary contains natural antibiotics, so it is soaked in boiling water, then left to cool, and wash the mouth well with this infusion; to improve oral and dental health, and reduce the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

15. Prevention of cardiovascular diseases:

Rosemary is one of the natural plants rich in effective compounds that help prevent cardiovascular diseases and improve overall heart health, one of the most important benefits of rosemary in this regard, is obtained by drinking rosemary infusion, mentioned:

Lowering blood pressure:

Rosemary contains effective compounds that help lower blood pressure, by improving the function of blood vessels and their expansion, This helps to improve blood flow and reduce pressure on the heart.

Improve cholesterol levels:

Rosemary contains compounds known as phenols, which help to improve blood cholesterol levels, by reducing bad cholesterol (LDL) and increasing good cholesterol (HDL).


Rosemary contains natural antioxidants, which help protect the body’s cells from damage caused by oxidation, and then help prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Improving arterial function:

Rosemary contains compounds that help improve the function of the arteries, by improving blood flow and dilating blood vessels, and this reduces the possibilities associated with cardiovascular diseases.

Reduce infections of the cardiovascular system:

Rosemary is a natural anti-inflammatory; it helps reduce inflammation of the cardiovascular system, improving its function.

16. The benefits of rosemary in decorations:

Rosemary is a natural plant with many uses and benefits, and above these features and benefits, we find that it has a wonderful aesthetic view that attracts the eye to contemplate its charming details, and the most prominent feature of the beauty of the rosemary plant:

Vibrant green leaves:

Rosemary leaves have a bright green color, and constant freshness throughout the year, and are also distinguished by their length and narrowness.

Beautiful flowers:

The rosemary plant is distinguished by its beautiful small flowers growing on the heads of branches, distinguished by its light purple color and fragrant aroma.

Harmonious aesthetic form:

Rosemary is characterized by its harmonious and attractive shape; it consists of branches that grow in a branched form, and it is easily shaped to suit garlands, bouquets, and various places.


Rosemary is a widespread plant in several regions around the world, it is found in gardens, parks, forests, and pastures.

17. Pleasant to the food:

One of the benefits of rosemary is that it is used as a food flavoring, it is usually used as a seasoning to give a distinctive flavor and aroma to foods and drinks, and fresh or dried rosemary may be used in this, and it is characterized by a strong and sharp flavor, with an attractive aromatic aroma.

Rosemary is used in many delicious dishes and is a basic ingredient in Arabic, Mediterranean, French, and Italian cuisines, among the examples of using rosemary as a food flavoring:

Grilled dishes:

Rosemary is added to grilled dishes, such as meat, chicken, vegetables, and fish to give a distinctive flavor.

Spicy dishes:

Rosemary is added to spicy dishes to soften the sharpness of other spices and add a unique aromatic flavor.


Rosemary is added to various sauces to give a characteristic flavor and rich aroma.


Rosemary is added to the soup to give it a special flavor and enrich its nutritional value.

In conclusion:

Rosemary is a natural multi-beneficial plant, characterized by wonderful therapeutic and nutritional properties that make it useful for health and beauty, thanks to the many benefits of rosemary, we see that this plant deserves attention and appreciation; it is grown in the garden of the house to enjoy its beauty first, and then get its benefits by eating it as a seasoning in foods, drinking rosemary infusion, or using it as a natural remedy for several problems.

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