5 ways to reach an ideal weight


Humans consist of a mind and a body, but most of us forget how interconnected they are and the importance of maintaining a balance between them, so people with weight problems tend to listen to their minds more than their bodies, and they have some of the following ideas:

I shouldn’t eat these foods; I will gain weight.

If I start eating this meal now, I won’t be able to stop.

I will never regain my strength, so I will eat what I want.

These successive thoughts keep you disconnected from your body to the point that you stop paying attention to what your body is trying to tell you, and do not pay attention to any internal symptoms or signals of hunger and satiety, if you listen to these thoughts and continue to focus on them, you will continue to suffer with weight problems, as people who always maintain a healthy weight say that changing your thoughts is the most difficult part.

So how did they manage that By learning to listen to their bodies, eat consciously, and slowly change their behavior; In doing so, they realized that these ideas were completely ridiculous and wrong, and by observing the lives of people who maintain a healthy weight and naturally agile people, he found that the following five behaviors will help you reach an ideal weight.

Here are 5 ways to reach an ideal weight:

1. Eating sitting down:

This Act improves the process of eating; eating is a behavior, and when you sit down to eat, you are in a state of mental presence and you will be fully aware of what you are doing, so eating standing up distracts your focus from this process; you may think about doing something else during it and later return to your plate, and in the end, you will not enjoy your meal and will want to eat more.

2. Estimate how hungry you are:

Do you know when to get hungry and when to get full Babies are very smart when it comes to eating; they cry when they are hungry, and they refuse to open their mouths if you try to force-feed them, but when they grow up, they start to understand the language; so they listen to the instructions of parents and grandparents on how to eat instead of paying attention to the signals sent by their bodies.

There are no guidelines that determine whether you are hungry or not, Learn to recognize the signs of hunger and satiety so that you can consume the right amount of calories at the right time, but what is the feeling of hunger Hunger is a feeling of pain in your stomach, after which you receive a message from your brain that you need to eat, and this may be accompanied by mood disorder, nausea, loss of concentration or fatigue, and here’s how to use the following hunger scale to recognize these signals instead of overeating or starving yourself; both cases lead to weight problems:

Food provides our body with energy, and the process of eating can be fun, but when we overeat in the first and fifth cases, we suffer instead, people who are agile by nature and people who maintain a healthy weight have learned how to eat when the intensity of feeling is normal; that is, in the second case and stop eating in the third case.

3. Getting rid of distractions:

With the increasing adoption of electronic devices such as smartphones, most of us have stopped taking care of our food and listening to our bodies because we are multitasking.

Using electronic devices while eating takes your focus away from conscious eating, as well as eating while driving or watching TV distracts you and prevents you from consciously eating and enjoying it. When this happens, your brain is distracted from the satiety signals sent by your stomach. due to the interconnection of your mind and body, your body is also distracted and feels as if it has not received enough food; what makes you want more food, but when the mind and body participate in the process of eating, the process becomes more pleasant and conscious; so set a rule for yourself by keeping electronic devices away during meals.

4. Focus on pleasure:

The feeling of pleasure arises when your mind, body, and soul participate together in a certain activity, and eating your food consciously and exclusively when hungry is a real pleasure for your entire system, conscious eating means enjoying your food and paying attention to its taste, smell, texture and how it makes you feel at the moment, people who maintain a healthy weight say that when feeling hungry they eat what they something fun and interesting to take their minds off food; they might read a novel, go for a walk, or They watch a movie, play a game, solve a puzzle with children, play a musical instrument or have a hobby of their own.

5. Noticing the signals your body is sending you:

When you learn to appreciate how hungry you are and start eating sitting down and get rid of distractions, you will begin to recognize the signals that your body sends to you. Be curious about your body and find out its relationship with food, notice and remember how a particular meal or food makes you feel immediately after eating and two hours after eating, determine which foods make you feel light and energetic and which ones make you feel heavy, slow or tired.

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